The Simple Solution is the Most Powerful

KiWiPOS (point of sale system) was designed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. As a result, KiWi won’t change the operation of your restaurant it – it will simplify it. Kitchen traffic is reduced so servers can spend more time attending to customers. Cooks will have easy-to-read printed tickets to eliminate kitchen errors. KiWi not only improves operations during the day, but it also streamlines closing procedures so they can be finished in minutes, rather than hours.

KiWi is so intuitive, new servers can be successfully taking orders in five minutes, and even a floor manager can be trained to handle advanced tasks in under half an hour. If these numbers sound incredible, call to schedule a demonstration and see for yourself how.

Kiwi will Simplify Your Restaurant.

KiWi is designed in a way that if something is done out of order the system informs you. Not only does KiWi enforce the order process but it ends up training your servers into asking your customers the right questions so their order goes to the kitchen without any ambiguity, as a result minimizing mistakes.

Menus are setup so that servers are trained into asking your customer the right questions. Place an order for a steak and the system requires you to ask for temp, salad dressing, and sides. Thus, leaving NO guess work or misunderstandings in the kitchen.